23 October 2012

Abbey says....

Next time my human walks through Spain, she better take me with her.

I also like this photo. I bark at it every time it comes up on the TV's screen saver. I don't know why the bull doesn't run from me, but it doesn't.

I am Abbey,  an opinionated Westie (is there another kind?) I will offer my opinion on books, photos, etc., whenever I get a chance, but Keena Kincaid doesn't leaves her computer unattended very often. She says her life is on it and forbids me to chew on it.

20 October 2012

Con pan y vino tinto

I just returned from walking the Camino de Santiago. It's funny. You'd think with hours and hours to do nothing but think, I'd have all kinds of blogs ready to post.

Alas, my thoughts were vaporous, revealing, concealing and oddly insubstantial. I'll post later, but for now I'm just going to share some photos.

The picture on the right was taken by my new friend, Chris. The photo below is one of the more creative yellow arrows that mark the path. It was high on a cafe's wall. I also found yellow arrows painted on rocks, in the roads, and on trees, guardrails and random signs. They could be hard to find.

And of course the Cathedral of Santiago.