Meet the Press on Common Ground:
Media Tips, Tricks and Traps for Romance Authors
On the surface, a media interview seems straightforward and simple: The reporter asks questions and you answer. But what happens when a question can’t be—or shouldn’t be—answered? How do you ensure that a story gets your point across? How can you communicate messages that are favorable to the romance industry and yourself as an author?
The answers to these and other questions will be addressed during “Meet the Press on Common Ground: Media Tips, Tricks and Traps for Romance Authors.”
The session is designed to build confidence about media interactions – not amp up the anxiety level. During the session, I offer insights about how to work with the media, how to build a message that gets your point across, and how to answer the most dreaded questions you could get from the media.

Do you know the secret to character development?
“The Dirty Little Secrets of Character Development” is an interactive workshop that leads participants through fun, inventive exercises that will help them root out their characters' deep, dark secrets and desires, as well as show how to use these secrets to further plot, conflict and (of course) the romance.
It is designed as a one-day workshop to give writers a better understanding of how secrets affect characters at the deepest level and propel the plot forward in a logical, engaging manner. Ideally suited for writers at a retreat who can devote time to the program and assignments, participants—whether beginners or pro—will have the tools they need to craft three-dimensional characters by the end of the course.
A shorter, introductory course is also available to writers, either in person or online, and though I write historical romance, the basic principles apply to all genres.


Workshops for chapters are free of charge. All I ask is for the chapter to cover my travel expenses and host a book signing. For more information, please feel free to contact me at