16 January 2017

Silver-lining Monday: Wallpaper nightmare

When I bought the house, I knew it needed a new roof. I also was more than unimpressed with the interior paint.

Everything had been painted a dirty beige, and I mean everything--walls, trim, baseboards, doors. Clearly the paint had been on sale that day.

What I didn't know was that all that dirty beige hid a desperate secret: the former owners had painted over wallpaper.

I discovered this only after the roof was fixed, the HACV repaired, and insulation put down. I couldn't figure out why the paint was bubbling and peeling until I could see the lines where sections met up.

So now I am scraping off layers of painted wall paper and thinking unkind thoughts of the person--or people--who took the short cut.

On the other hand, it does give me plenty of time to think about the next sentence, next crisis, next turning point in my books. So that is today's silver-lining.

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