12 July 2009

Inaugural blog

It’s Monday. I’m not a fan of Mondays, mainly because of the get-up-early-and-go-to-work thing. But even when I’m not working, Monday has a different feel to it than Sunday.

Sundays are slow and lazy. Restful even when I’m busy.

Mondays are not. Today, in particular, feels like a spill-coffee-on-the Mac kinda day. Or perhaps, this is the week the economy finally catches up with my day job.

Or maybe, I’m just tired. The coyotes did yowl well into the night (yes, that’s why my swanky suburb no longer has a goose problem).

Assuming all goes well today, tomorrow I travel to the national RWA Conference in Washington D.C. It’s a great chance to catch up with friends I only see once or twice a year and learn more about what’s going on in the publishing industry, which is changing surprisingly fast. I’ll also be presenting a workshop there (maybe that’s the source of my unease. Stage fright).

More importantly, it’s a chance to go somewhere.

I am happiest when traveling—used to get excited about trips to Decatur to visit a former client—and even though D.C. is hot and humid in July, I can’t wait to finish packing my bag and go.

But first, I must pack my lunch and go to work.


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