10 December 2009

The accidental Christmas

On Sunday, I dug out my Christmas boxes to find my wreath. Door decoration is a competitive sport among my neighbors, and I fall way short of the mark most of the year. This season I wanted to try and meet minimal standards.

But I didn't stop at the door.

No, after I hung the wreath, I decided a bowl of ornaments on the table would look festive. Then I set out the mitten cookie jar, which meant I had to bake cookies to put in it. Then the ceramic medieval Santa. Then the Nativity (and somewhere my old Sunday school teacher is wincing at the order). Then the...well, you get the idea.

Days later my place is festooned for the holidays, a brand-new tree lights up my window, and most of the ingredients for Bohemian tea--a traditional winter drink in my family--clutter the kitchen counter (I need to buy oranges). But I can no longer go into my office because the unchosen decorations wait in ambush from their tissue-paper nests, determined to join the fun.

So now I'm staring at a huge ornament that I hung over the mantle when I lived in Charlotte and wondering if it's gauche to decorate the bathroom. Is it?


Anonymous said...

I say go for it :) lol... sounds like you're having fun, though.
I have yet to decorate, but I did bring out the Christmas candle holders and mugs, if that counts for anything :)

Jeffe Kennedy said...

the holiday home tours always show something in the bathroom, and the master bedroom -- go for it! (and post pics)

Jane Richardson said...

If you can't be gauche at Christmas, when can you be? I think it's time to bauble the bidet! 'Deck the loo with boughs of holly, falalalala....!' Have fun!

Jane x

Unknown said...

KEENA--It seems everyone this year is going humorous with Chrismas memories and blogs. Your's is very good--and yes, by all means dress up the potty! I've visited home where the owner really does have every room decorated. And one acquaintnace, decorates 25 trees for her house--all of them inside. Yes, that' right. she invites friends over to drink eggnog, eat cookies and looke at her trees. it take two months to get them ready.

Maggie Toussaint said...

This sounds great, Keena. Come on over to my house and infuse me with the Christmas spirit! I need a jolt.

LK Hunsaker said...

By all means, decorate the bathroom!

Your ceramic medieval Santa has me intrigued.