10 January 2010

A review for TIES THAT BIND

Just had to share a really great review for TIES THAT BIND today over at Classic Romance Revival this morning.  An excerpt:

Kincaid’s opening catches the reader’s attention and doesn’t let  go.  Her writing is sharp and the plot is tight, with several twists and turns that will surprise the reader, including a secret Tess keeps from Aedan. Kincaid’s characters are rich and well developed.  Aedan leads a wanderer’s life as a court minstrel, but he’s loyal and true to his beliefs, traits of an admirable hero.  He’s kind and caring with children, and through his Sidhe talents, even animals are mindful of him.  His love for Tess has never died.  The passionate reigniting of their love is heartwarming for the reader.  Tess is a well layered character, showing great strength at times and tender vulnerabilities.   Kincaid’s voice is lyrical, capturing the romantic feel of the early Plantagenet reign. She blends the supernatural myths of Rome’s lingering influence and early Christianity well.  The love scenes are tasteful and would be considered “sophisticated” for CRR.  Overall, Ties That Bind is a magical discovery of a love that lasts a lifetime. 

To read the full review, please visit Classic Romance Revival at http://www.classicromancerevival.com/component/resource/article/crr-reviews/16-historical/68-ties-that-bind-by-keena-kincaid.html

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LK Hunsaker said...

Sounds great, Keena! I'll pop over later and read the whole review.