02 October 2011

Where do I live?

One of the great things about being self-employed and working from is that you can live wherever you want--within budget, of course. The queen isn't going to have me for a neighbor anytime soon. But the trouble with being able to live anywhere I want is...I want to live everywhere.

So I found a website to help me find a spot. It makes you think about what you dislike in a hometown vs. what you cannot live without. I cannot live without sunshine and places to walk. I could go the rest of my life without seeing snow.

After walking me thought my thoughts on crime, traffic, education, geography, religion, etc., the site did its magic and spit out the top places for me to live.

And the number one place?

Little Rock, Ark!

Surprised? So was I. In a million years, I'm not sure Little Rock would've shown up on my radar.

I'm not packing to move. Florida offers more beaches, Ohio has family and South Carolina is just God's country, but the site has given me a list of places to visit over the next few years.

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LK Hunsaker said...

Interesting site and many of my answers tell me I should not enjoy living where I do, but I do! I only got as far as where they wanted my personal info, so I didn't get my results. But that's okay, I plan to stay right here. ;-) Hope you find your perfect place!