29 July 2009

My muse is missing

I probably shouldn't be talking about this, but one of the advantages of having a new blog that no one reads, is no one reads it. I can say anything. Mwaaaahhhh!!

I’m Waiting for Godot.

OK, before anyone thinks something tragic is going on in my life, it’s a job thing and a writing thing. Neither of which is life-ending but they do add to the day's frustration.

Work first. About six months ago our largest client went into review, the process half formality, half can-we-do-better look around. The outcome is by no means guaranteed. But we were supposed to know by end of June. It’s now the end of July.

Typical for the business world, but even a decade after leaving the newspaper industry, I have issues with missed deadlines.

Which is why my current WIP is driving me nuts. My self-imposed deadline to finish that was—you’re going to laugh—end of June. It’s almost August and I’m still waiting for that final insight that solidifies the story. So as I wait, I tweak, I tighten plot threads and I cull extraneous words. It’s as slow moving as continental drift.

And my muse is still telling me to take a guess.

If he were real, I’d slug him. It’s horrible disrespectful to sit in silence when someone (me) is waiting.

So here I am. Waiting on my muse and my clients. Anyone else have a feeling that both answers will come on the same day?


Unknown said...

KEENA--I cannot allow anyone's blog to have 0 comments--it just grates on my nerves. Somebody out there reads--and yes, they do not leave a comment. Why do I write a blog? To receive those affirmation-type comments that make me feel like a semi-success.
But I do know, there are blog lurkers just as there are loop lurkers. Ah! I coined a new phrase!
My blog today has 0 comments--see, I'm spoiled already with the nice comments I get.How do I know I have lurkers? I receive e-mails--like the one from Phyllis, a little lady who likes me and reads everything I write. And sweet Donna--same thing--she doesn't know how to leave a comment, so she sends me an e-mail.And Les Edgerton whom I discuss in one of my posts this morning, writes because I mentioned his name and he's buying my book--but he didn't leave a comment, just an e-mail. So, this is okay--I know somebody reads my blogs. And someone reads yours, too. Celia

Keena Kincaid said...

Thanks, Celia. Yes, you made me feel better.

Cheryl Pierson said...

Another comment for you. This one will make you feel a LOT better. I didn't even write a blog this week. I didn't have a chance. I spent every morning making business calls of some kind or answering e-mails. Things have got to change, or my muse will be going on vacation with yours. If they find each other, they may never return! I am doing a contest over at Sweet and Sensual/SASR tomorrow, and since it's my first one, I didn't know JACK about it, so had to have some help on that. My blog entry for that is one that I've already put up at the SPA before, so I didn't mention it. Hey...maybe I'll blog about PETE!

Maggie Toussaint said...

Oh man, Keena. I hate being stuck in limbo. My heart goes out to ya on that one. But I know the right idea will occur to you. Listen for it.