30 August 2009

The coffee maker just barked

I'm staying at the Hampton Inn slightly east of the middle of Illinois and like every other hotel/motel I've ever stayed in, it has two major problems:
  1. not enough outlets
  2. the coffeemaker in the bathroom
The first is mind-boggingly. Hotel designers and architects know that people travel with computers, iPods, phones, curling irons, etc., but only put in one extra outlet in the bathroom and one in the bedroom, forcing us to crawling under the bed to unplug the single lamp in the room and plug in the computer.

Have you ever crawled under a hotel bed? Don't. Ew.

The second is equally baffling. Food and drink in the bathroom? Not unless I'm hiding, thank you very much (and every time I see the coffeemaker in the bathroom, I think of the Frasier episode where Niles and Lilith hook-up, and when Frasier comes to Lilith's hotel room the next morning, Niles and his eggs benedict hide in the bathroom).

The arrangement forces me to use the remaining plug in the bedroom for my coffee, carrying water to it one cup at a time to make coffee.

And as people who know me know, that's a lot of trips. In fact, the coffeemaker just "barked." Spewing out the last of the hot water as it gave up the ghost. Sadly, the coffee it made is not worth the sacrifice.

I guess that's the third thing all hotels have in common. The in-room coffee leaves much to be desired.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

The hotels who are smart enough to cater to business travelers have the little power-strip row of outlets on the desk, which I inevitably fill completely. All the time nigh weeping in gratitude that I *didn't* have to crawl under the bed! Now, go find a Starbucks.

Bernie said...

Mind-boggingly? Wow, the coffee really didn't go well, did it? ;-)

Unknown said...

I guess it is "Typos and All!" What a great name! I don't know why it took me so long to look at these, but they're really fun.

Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, everyone. The nearest Starbucks is at last 20 miles away, and the Dunkin' Donuts finder ap on my iPhone just spins trying to find one. So I must make do.

And thanks for coming by, Kelly. I believe in honesty, and I know I'm not going to spend hours editing these, so the name seems apropos. :-)