19 September 2009

A plethora of potatoes

A few weeks ago I saw a newscast about a woman who decided not to go to the store for 30 days to cut back on her $800-a-month grocery bill. She figured there was more than enough food in the freezer and pantry to feed her family, so why pack in more?

Now my monthly food bills are nowhere near that high, but my pantry and freezer do look like I'm planning for the apocalypse. So, I decided to make this woman's experiment my own.

Almost two weeks ago I went cold turkey on Costco, Peapod, Jewel-Osco, Walgreen and c-stores. I didn't put rules to this experience as the woman on TV did. I can eat out when I want (within budgetary guidelines, of course) and meals don't have to be "balanced." Oh, and I can replenish the coffee supply as needed (I'm curious, not crazy).

Now it's still early in the experiment, so who's to say how it will end, but so far, it's been a fun challenge. I've even discovered hidden treasures in my freezer. In addition to the standards of chicken, beef, and frozen soup, I've found puff pastries, a loaf of Wonder Bread (I have no idea, people) and these really cool--and cold--cucumber patches to put on my eyes when I have a headache.

The regular fridge has yielded fewer surprises, but one major one: potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes.

Despite my Scot-Irish heritage, I am not a potato eater. I go easy on the fries and never mash, bake or boil potatoes at home. Occasionally, I'll throw them in the stew pot (what is beef stew without potatoes, after all) or make a creamed soup with them if I'm feeling industrious on a Saturday afternoon, but those are both twice-a-winter occurrences.

So how did I get 20-plus pounds of potatoes in my fridge?

And how long have they been there?

I pondered those questions this morning, but I decided not to throw them out (unlike the package of shriveled figs I found behind them). Potatoes keep, and I'm only 11 days into this experiment. By Oct. 9, I may be surviving on potatoes and coffee like my ancestors.


Katana said...

If you need some potato recipes come October 1, let me know. Lord knows with my Irish heritage I've grown up with potatoes more ways than you can shake a stick at!

Isabel Roman said...

Potatoes and ham casserole, one of the best recipes my grandmom ever taught me. Takes care of all that leftover ham and lasts for a week. Not the healthiest, but really good for leftovers. And the pounds of potatoes you seem to have

Keena Kincaid said...

I'll need the recipes, Katana. And Isabel, I haven't found a ham in the freezer yet, but if I do, I may need your grandmom's ham-and-potato casserole recipe, too.

Thanks for reading.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I've even got a low-fat recipe for potatoes au gratin. It's even tasty.

BUT, who keeps potatoes in the fridge???

Keena Kincaid said...

Clearly I keep potatoes in the fridge, Jeffe. And I don't know why either. It's as odd as the frozen loaf of Wonder Bread.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

no, no -- the frozen loaf of Wonder Bread is definitely odder!

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Keena, that's wild about your potatoes! **smiles and giggles** I don't know if I can help out with the receipes. I can mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, and I can make pedogies, but that's about it, Sweetie. I do have to say, you'll be surprised what you'll find in your frig. Just recently I got a surprise myself! hehe


Liana Laverentz said...

I do this regularly. It's amazing how creative you can get :)

Keena Kincaid said...

Liana, I'm glad to know this isn't as whacked out as it seems now that I'm down to eating cheese and eggs. Who know I had four different types of cheese in my fridge.

Within the next few days I'll have to start getting really creative, perhaps even start baking to feed myself. I'm looking forward to the challenge.