26 September 2010

Guess who's coming to dinner

A few weeks ago, I took a survey among some of my Facebook friends about who they'd invite to share a meal if the pesky rules of space, time and reality were suspended for the day.

The question is far from new. It's a common icebreaker to make strangers more comfortable around each other, and it's a game I played in college when my study group needed a break.

Over the years, I've found people answer in one of two ways: They choose people they admire or people they miss. The eight friends who answered the question mostly picked people they admired, although two wanted to see their grandfathers again. One wanted to meet her maternal grandmother and a fourth wanted to visit her father.

These numbers are too low to be statistically relevant and you shouldn't make decisions based on these conclusions (yes, that's my legal disclaimer) but I always find lists like this interesting. So without further ado, the choices included:

  • Three writers: Nelly Bly, Dean Koontz and Mark Twain
  • Two fictional characters: Trixie Belden and Belle Watling 
  • Jesus (chosen twice)
  • Jefferson (chosen twice, but only one person picked Jesus and Jefferson. Mmmm...)
  • Two revolutionaries: Nelson Mandela and Paul Revere (no one picked Gandhi)
  • Archimedes
  • Anthony Bourdain (guess someone must cook)
  • George Carlin (I'm going to this party)
  • Rounding out the guest list: Martha Washington, Mary Boleyn and Elizabeth Taylor

As for me, it varies by mood. Sometimes it would be a family reunion with my maternal grandmother (who I didn't meet) along with a favorite great aunt and great uncle. But on the days I'm feeling particularly snarky, I'd invite Churchill, Machiavelli, and Eleanor of Aquitaine to the table.

How about you? Who would you invite?


LaVerne Clark said...

Hi Keena

I'd love to have Kevin McCloud (sp?) from the UK tv series Grand Designs. There is something so magnetic about him. He's not particularly handsome, but he does have unbelieveable charisma and comes across as someone with genuine warmth, compassion, charm and humour.

And Diana Gabaldon. If you've read her books and diary entries on her website, you'd know why. She is unique and sounds alot of fun.

P.L. Parker said...

How interesting! Hmmm, who would I invite. Cleopatra might be an interesting choice, as long as she left her asp at home.