05 January 2012

Friday Five...Three...One

Happy Friday! How did the first week of 2012 go for you? I can honestly say I was busier than I wanted to be...but that's better than being bored.

Today's guest on Friday Five...Three...One is Cathie Linz, a chapter mate of mine at Windy City RWA in Naperville, IL. Cathie writes fun, witty and utterly charming contemporary romances, and her new book, Tempted Again, is fast becoming my favorite.

OK, Cathie...

  1. Favorite word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins, not that I get to use it that often
  2. First thing you do in the morning: Feed the cats
  3. Favorite song to dance to: "Dog Days Are Over" Florence and the Machine
  4. What constitutes a crime against nature: Being mean to animals
  5. Favorite destination: Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies altho the Austrian Alps are close behind

  1. What book is on your nightstand? I have several including LUNCH IN PARIS (think that is right) and THE BAKE OFF
  2. What would your mother say about today’s underwear choice? My mom is pretty liberal but she thinks thongs are just silly
  3. What scares you most? Tornadoes


Using these four words, write a sentence: Tree. Naked. Funny. Run.

I just saw a funny naked tree.  Run!"  (I write a lot of fast-paced dialogue in my bks)


TEMPTED AGAIN by Cathie Linz - 4 stars RT Book Reviews! 

"This delightful contemporary romance will warm up a cold winter's day.  The characters that fill these pages are all memorable, the romance is touching and realistic and the love scenes are hot enough to melt snow."

Marissa Bennett needs to start over, but the last thing she needs is a new man in her life. Enter sexy lawman Connor Doyle-the high school bad boy who took her innocence. She knows she should turn the page on her past, but Connor is irresistible. Has she come all the way home just to get her heart broken again?

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Friday Five...Three...One... is a chance for guest bloggers to share a bit about themselves in a fun format of Five Facts, Three Questions and One Sentence. If you'd like to be a guest on Friday Five, Three, One drop me an email.


Unknown said...

Cathie--your answers were excellent--I really like Keena's new Friday format. It's ingenious, and with clever guests like you, it should do really well. I'll wish you much luck with your new release, although I don't think you need much help since I see "USA Today Bestselling Author." Wow! I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Very funny sentence. Great interview.

Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, Cathie. Thanks for being here. My mom has a few things to say about thongs, too. :-)

Cathie Linz said...

Celia, believe me I need every book sale I can get! I have hungry cats to feed after all. Thanks for your kind words!

Cathie Linz said...

Thanks Ella!

Cathie Linz said...

Thanks for inviting me, Keena!

karen Doornebos said...

Cathie, this sounds like a great book & I AM BUYING IT! Congrats!

Bonnie said...

Hi Cathie,
Fabulous interview. The book sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to get a copy. Sexy lawn men, definitely grabs my attention.
Thanks for all your input at RWA I've learned so much from you in the first year that I've been there. Sorry I missed your book signing, my dog had surgery and couldn't leave her.