18 August 2010

Something new: A children's Book

STEPH: Keena, thank you so much for having me and caterpillar over for a visit today. "The Giving Meadow" is my first children's book. I wrote it as a play for my church's preschool Easter play in 2009. I showed Vivian (Gilbert Zabel, publisher, 4RV Publishing) and she offered it a contract. It was a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

CATERPILLAR: You're telling me.

STEPH: Telling you what?

CATERPILLAR: Hatching out of that egg! I was surprised, thirsty, and hungry.

STEPH: You were in a meadow. Couldn't you eat the grass?

CATERPILLAR: Grass? Hardly substantial. Good thing I found Frog.

STEPH: Frog?

CATERPILLAR: He shared his water with me.

STEPH: Did you make any other friends in the meadow?

CATERPILLAR: A very nice ladybug shared her grapes and a sweet little bee shared her honey.

STEPH: Grapes and honey? Didn't you get…ah, plump?

CATERPILLAR: I was hungry. Hungry caterpillars get real plump. Then I met snake.

STEPH: A snake? Yikes!

CATERPILLAR: Snake was cool. He shared his apple with me. When I started spinning silk around myself, he got worried and gathered up Frog, Ladybug, and Bee to see if they could help.

STEPH: What happened then?

CATERPILLAR:  You have to read the book!

STEPH: Keena, do you have any strawberries? Just in case?

KEENA: Yes, I do.

"The Giving Meadow" is wonderfully illustrated by Stephen Macquignon. Stephen primarily works in the medium of pen and ink and color digitally. He has had the privilege to work with Director Michael Sporn of Michael Sporn Animation Inc. He is also a monthly contributor for Stories for Children's magazine.

Stephen's children's books with 4RV Publishing include Angeline Jellybean by Crystalee Calderwood and Colors by Dana Warren.

"The First Flag of New Hampshire," by Stephanie, will be released by 4RV Publishing next year. It is a TW/Young Adult story.

GOODIE TIME: Leave a post here on the blog. I'll pick two lucky winners to receive an autographed postcard of the cover. Winners will be drawn out of a hat, and I'll return on 19 AUG to announce them.

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Stephanie Burkhart said...

Thanks for having Caterpillar and me today. I fear we have a hungary caterpillar on the lose!


Cheryl Pierson said...

Hey Steph,

This book looks wonderful! I wish I had a little one to buy it for.



Barri Bryan said...

Hi Steph,

I loved your conversation with your cute little catepillar. He's delightful. Good luck with your book.


N A Sharpe said...

Hi Steph,

What a cute post! Looks like you and Caterpillar are having a great time on your virtual tour - wishing you both lots of success with this cute book! Oh, and Caterpillar, I brought you some virtual chocolate to go with your strawberries! :D

Diane Craver said...

How cute! And your cover is adorable, too. Hope your book is a big success. I used to have a preschool in my home but that was many years ago, or I'd buy it or if I had grandchildren that weren't dogs. LOL We haven't been blessed with little ones yet. Three of our adult children have dogs.

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Cheryl, Caterpillar waves Hi. It's great to see you.

Barri, Caterpillar sends ((hugs))

Nancy, yum.. Caterpillar LOVES chocolate. Plain M&Ms are his favorite. Thank you so much for thinking about his appetite.

Diane, Caterpillar hopes for success. He says give the dogs belly rubs.

Congrats to Diane & Cheryl, autographed postcard winners! Send me an email w/your snail mail and I'll get those right out to you!